Creature of Habitual: Jacob of Mighty Jaxx

Habitual | 22 February 2018

Jacob Ngoh. 25. Logistic Manager at Mighty Jaxx.
Instagram: @jacobngoh.
Spotted at Mighty Jaxx studios.

Shirt: Wacko Maria
Jeans: Neighborhood
Shoes: Converse 70’s
Hat: Undercover
Necklace: Goro’s
Watch: Rolex

What does street culture mean to you?
No meaning to me. For streetwear, I buy because of their details and craftsmanship; and I’m drawn to the story behind every Japanese streetwear brand.

What three latest streetwear brands are you into right now?
Wacko Maria, Needles and Neighborhood.

How are the market and scale of the toys/collectibles scene in Singapore?
I would say that the toys/collectibles scene in Singapore is really small, but has been slowly blooming over the past few years.

Name three of your favourite Mighty Jaxx collectibles.
Foo Dogs, Washizu, Skull Bomb.

Pen down the last song you played on your phone.
I Don’t Care by Hua Chenyu.

If you could change one thing in the world today, what would it be?
I guess I’d choose to stop all the war that is going on.

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