Creature of Habitual: The Space Traveller

Habitual | 06 February 2018

Melvin Wong. 37. Photographer.
Spotted at Habitual.

T-shirt: OK.OK.OK (HK)
Pants: H&M Pajamas
Socks: Say Hello
Shoes: Vans Era two-tone checkered
Glasses: Yohji Yamamoto
Backpack: Nanamica × The North Face
Camera Strap: Roberu
Watch: Apple Watch
Bracelet: Ambush Design

What does street culture mean to you?
It’s an expression, a way to be yourself.

In your opinion as a photographer, what makes a good photograph?
That’s a tough question when we are constantly bombarded with visuals everyday. I guess for me it’s when the picture tells a story or makes you think how did the photographer capture that photo.

What travel-sized camera would you recommend?
SONY A6500.

What do you think about film photography?
I think many people are still shooting film because you just can’t get the same picture with a digital camera. There’s a certain pace when you pick up a film camera to shoot. You can’t just go around snapping pictures. It’s a good way to stay calm, think, compose and capture. Every different film stock is like your colour palette.

What is your latest song obsession?
Watch Me Dance by Tom Misch.

What is the one thing you cannot live without?
Definitely music.

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