Creature of Habitual: Xiaowongsta

Habitual | 22 January 2018

Daniel Wong. 28. Print Consultant.
Spotted at Habitual.

Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Pants: Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Puma Suedes
Cap: Supreme x Loro Piana Camp Cap
Sunnies: Warby Parker
Various Jewellery: Custom Made
Lanyard: Supreme
Document Holder/Clutch: Supreme x Louis Vuitton Pouchette Jour

What does street culture mean to you?
Street culture to me is a very big net that encompasses many subcultures, be it art, music, fashion; to me, it’s a community.

Name three things you love most about street style?
Colours, freedom, comfort.

What is the most hype thing 1. you own? 2. wish you had?
1. In recent times, it would be either the LV x Supreme collection / Nike x Off White “The Ten”.
2. FNF items.

How do you feel about high fashion and street fashion collaborations?
Love it! Bringing the best of both brands to the table.

What is your guilty pleasure?

What is the one thing you cannot live without?
My phone.

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