Habitual Listens Vol. 35: FVDER

Habitual | 19 September 2018

This is Habitual Listens, our Spotify channel where we invite subculture trailblazers to curate weekly fresh playlists across all music genres to satisfy your audio needs.

Habitual Listens Vol. 35: FVDER

FVDER aka Jerry Wong is an up and coming Singapore DJ whose signature trap remixes are disrupting industry trends. He pushes the boundaries of regular auditory pleasure within Singapore’s nightlife industry with his high energy DJ sets, and has performed alongside big names such as the Higher Brothers, Bohan Phoenix, and the Cozy Boys of A$AP Mob, to name a few.

Always on the move, his latest project is DEMO — Singapore’s go-to fashion party. With their sold-out debut show on 7 September, DEMO is a new concept party that is dedicated for the youths and the young at heart, by providing them with a platform to explore and immerse themselves in creativity, thus catering for individuals to challenge and inspire each other to push their own artistic boundaries, be it music or fashion, through curated themes of each edition.

Have a listen to our 35th volume for yourself below, or click this link to go to Spotify.

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