Habitual Listens Vol. 37: J.M3

Habitual | 26 October 2018

This is Habitual Listens, our Spotify channel where we invite subculture trailblazers to curate weekly fresh playlists across all music genres to satisfy your audio needs.

Habitual Listens Vol. 37: J.M3

We have a special edition of Habitual Listens this volume 37. The first track of the playlist, TRY, is J.M3’s premiere single that just dropped today! We recommend that you click play on the song right now before you continue reading/do anything else.

J.M3 (pronounced Jamie) is a female rap artist that empowers through her unique blend of groove, rhythm and palatable lyrical poetry. Her music tells compelling stories that ring deep in everyone’s heart, embodying strength with a rebellious spirit. Raw and a rebel, she puts together these snapshot moments and ideals in life in her music to share and inspire, and be inspired.

J.M3 has rapped for the Sing50 concert in 2015 where she was selected to be in the item alongside Apl.de.ap from Black Eyed Peas and home-grown rappers like Shigga Shay and The Lion City Boy. In 2016, J.M3 performed during day one of the Shine festival along other great acts in the line-up such as Jay Park, in the annual high-point celebration of youths nationwide. She performed at the iLight Marina Bay festival 2017, 100 festival 2017 and Spark Fest 2018.

To read more about J.M3, click here for her interview with Music Asia, and here to see more of her videos.

For our 37th volume, the inspiration for the playlist, J.M3 says: I listen and be ready to take on the world.

Have a listen for yourself below, or click this link to go to Spotify.

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