Habitual Listens Vol. 38: Mean

Habitual | 12 November 2018

This is Habitual Listens, our Spotify channel where we invite subculture trailblazers to curate weekly fresh playlists across all music genres to satisfy your audio needs.

Habitual Listens Vol. 38: Mean

Mean is a Singapore artist who constantly keeps his musical style fluid and ever-changing to create a unique and fresh brand of hip-hop. He binds music, arts and fashion with a charismatic persona to deliver the total package. Mean is currently working with Gema, a producer from Syndicate SG on collaboration project entitled “44” — stay tuned – and is also on the line-up of the upcoming street culture convention, Culture Cartel 2018.

Have a listen to our 38th volume for yourself below, or click this link to go to Spotify.

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